Class BslTreeTypeSystem

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class BslTreeTypeSystem
    extends Object
    implements ITypeSystem
    Install tree type system (with tree of type state) for BSL module
    • Constructor Detail

      • BslTreeTypeSystem

        public BslTreeTypeSystem()
    • Method Detail

      • installTypeSystem

        public void installTypeSystem​(Module module,
                                      org.eclipse.xtext.util.CancelIndicator monitor)
        Description copied from interface: ITypeSystem
        Installs type system for BSL module
        Specified by:
        installTypeSystem in interface ITypeSystem
        module - BSL Module, can't be null
        monitor - the CancelIndicator, can't be null
      • lightInstallingTypeSystem

        public void lightInstallingTypeSystem​(Module module,
                                              Method method,
                                              Variable variable,
                                              Statement stopStatement,
                                              int nearesOffset)
        Install light version of type system in Bsl module. This method is called from bsl proposals provider
        module - BSL Module
        method - processing Method, can't be null
        variable - the variable, installing type system for it, can't be null
        stopStatement - the first not processing statement in the method, can't be null
        nearesOffset - the nearest offset of variable using