Class ChartPlotAreaPlacementPartReader

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      • ChartPlotAreaPlacementPartReader

        public ChartPlotAreaPlacementPartReader()
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      • valueFromString

        protected Object valueFromString​(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EAttribute feature,
                                         String value,
                                         Version version,
                                         IXmlReadErrorCollector errorCollector)
        Description copied from class: BaseEnumXmlPartReader
        Convert string value to enum value.

        Tries to get Enum as literal from given string value or from given string value with capital letter

        valueFromString in class BaseEnumXmlPartReader
        feature - the Enum type EAttribute, cannot be null
        value - string text value of readed enum, can be null
        version - the version of importing 1C:Enterprise XML files, cannot be null
        errorCollector - IXmlReadErrorCollector in which will be added error if it occur, cannot be null
        instance of enumerator, never null