Class EObjectEditorInputFactory

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    public class EObjectEditorInputFactory
    extends Object
    implements org.eclipse.ui.IElementFactory
    Factory for saving and restoring a EObjectEditorInput. The stored representation of a EObjectEditorInput remembers the URI (that is, EcoreUtil.getgetURI(EObject)).

    The workbench will automatically create instances of this class as required. It is not intended to be instantiated or subclassed by the client.

    This class is not intended to be subclassed by clients.
    This class is not intended to be instantiated by clients.
    • Field Detail

      • ID_FACTORY

        public static final String ID_FACTORY
        Factory id. The 'com._1c.g5.v8.dt.common.ui' plug-in registers a factory by this name with the "org.eclipse.ui.elementFactories" extension point.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EObjectEditorInputFactory

        public EObjectEditorInputFactory()
        Creates a new factory.
    • Method Detail

      • createElement

        public org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable createElement​(org.eclipse.ui.IMemento memento)
        Specified by:
        createElement in interface org.eclipse.ui.IElementFactory
      • saveState

        public static void saveState​(org.eclipse.ui.IMemento memento,
                                     EObjectEditorInput<?> input)
        Saves the state of the given file editor input into the given memento.
        memento - the storage area for element state
        input - the file editor input