Class SerializableMergeSettings

  • public class SerializableMergeSettings
    extends Object
    A merge settings container used for serialization.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SerializableMergeSettings

        public SerializableMergeSettings()
        Constructs new empty container instance.
    • Method Detail

      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()
        Tells whether the container is empty, i.e. it still does not store any merge settings.
        true if the container is empty, false otherwise
      • setMergeRule

        public void setMergeRule​(MergeRule mergeRule)
        Sets merge rule.
        mergeRule - the merge rule to store, cannot be null
      • getMergeRule

        public MergeRule getMergeRule()
        Gets stored merge rule.
        the merge rule, may be null if not set yet
      • hasMergeRule

        public boolean hasMergeRule()
        Tells whether a merge rule is stored in the container.
        true if the merge rule is stored, false otherwise
      • setOrderSide

        public void setOrderSide​(ComparisonSide orderSide)
        Sets order side.
        orderSide - the order side to store, cannot be null
      • getOrderSide

        public ComparisonSide getOrderSide()
        Gets stored order side.
        the order side, may be null if not set yet
      • hasOrderSide

        public boolean hasOrderSide()
        Tells whether an order side is stored in the container.
        true if the order side is stored, false otherwise
      • hasNestedSettings

        public boolean hasNestedSettings()
        Tells whether nested settings are stored in the container.
        true if the nested settings are stored, false otherwise
      • getNestedSettingsByName

        public List<NestedSerializableMergeSettings> getNestedSettingsByName​(String nestedSettingName)
        Gets nested settings by name.
        nestedSettingName - the retrieved nested settings name, cannot be null
        the nested settings with the desired name, may be empty, never null
      • addProperties

        public void addProperties​(Map<String,​String> properties)
        Adds set of properties to the container.
        properties - the map of properties 'name:value', cannot be null
      • addProperty

        public void addProperty​(String propertyName,
                                String propertyValue)
        Adds new property to the container.
        propertyName - the property name, cannot be null
        propertyValue - the property value, cannot be null
      • getProperty

        public String getProperty​(String propertyName)
        Gets a property by its name.
        propertyName - the property name to get the value for, cannot be null
        the property value, can be null