Interface ISymlinkTranslationContributor

  • public interface ISymlinkTranslationContributor
    A symbolic link translation contributor. It guarantees to translate symbolic links in contexts it supports.
    • Method Detail

      • getMatchingSymlinks

        IMatchingSymlinks getMatchingSymlinks​(ComparisonNode node,
                                              org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject eObject,
                                              org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EReference reference,
                                              ComparisonSide sourceSide,
                                              String symlink,
                                              ComparisonContext comparisonContext,
                                              IMergeSession mergeSession)
        Returns a "matching symlinks" object for the specified symbolic link in the specified context.
        node - the comparison result node hosting the
        eObject - the referencing EObject
        reference - the reference
        sourceSide - the side of the symbolic link
        symlink - the symbolic link for which to get matching symlinks
        comparison - context the comparison context, cannot be null
        mergeSession - the merge session. If not null, the resulting matching symlinks must contain an accordingly translated other symlink in case when the other object will be imported during the merge session
        a matching symbolic links object or null if the context is not supported by the contributor
      • getMatchingSymlinksToTopObject

        IMatchingSymlinks getMatchingSymlinksToTopObject​(ComparisonContext comparisonContext,
                                                         String symlink,
                                                         ComparisonSide side,
                                                         IMergeSession mergeSession)
        Returns matched symlinks to the top object with the given symlink on a given comparison side.
        comparisonContext - the comparison context, cannot be null
        symlink - the top object symlink to be matched, cannot be null
        side - the comparison side where the top object lies, cannot be null
        mergeSession - the merge session, can be null if no merge process run
        the triple of matched symlinks or null if no matched symlinks found