Class ComparedObjectPath

  • public class ComparedObjectPath
    extends Object
    Stores path from the compared object to the closest top parent.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ComparedObjectPath

        public ComparedObjectPath()
        Creates empty path.
      • ComparedObjectPath

        public ComparedObjectPath​(ComparedObjectPath parentPath,
                                  Long bmId,
                                  int featureId,
                                  int parentFeatureEClassId,
                                  int positionInManyFeatureArray)
        Creates path for the specified feature.
        parentPath - the parent path, cannot be null
        bmId - the bmId of the compared object, can be null
        featureId - the feature id
        parentFeatureEClassId - the eClassId of the feature's parent container
        positionInManyFeatureArray - object's position in the array of the many-feature, can be -1 for single features
    • Method Detail

      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()
        Tells whether this path is empty (not filled by any data).
        true if the path is empty, false otherwise
      • getPositionInManyFeatureArray

        public int getPositionInManyFeatureArray()
        Returns object's position in a many-feature array.
        the object's position in a many-feature array or -1 if irrelevant
      • getFullPath

        public List<Integer> getFullPath()
        Builds full path to the compared object.
        the full path from the top object as list of integers, never null
      • getBmId

        public Long getBmId()
        Returns bmId of the compared object.
        the bmId or null