Class EqualListElementNodeWithChildren

    • Constructor Detail

      • EqualListElementNodeWithChildren

        public EqualListElementNodeWithChildren​(IPartialFeatureNode parent,
                                                org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject modelObject,
                                                org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EStructuralFeature parentFeature,
                                                int mainPosition,
                                                int otherPosition,
                                                ComparisonSide objectSide,
                                                String representation,
                                                IImageProvider imageProvider,
                                                String label,
                                                IComparisonSession comparisonSession)
        Constructs a node.
        parent - the parent partial model node, cannot be null
        modelObject - the object to create partial node for, cannot be null
        parentFeature - the object's parent feature, cannot be null
        mainPosition - the object's position from the MAIN side
        otherPosition - the object's position from the OTHER side
        objectSide - the side where the object presents or null if it presents on both sides
        representation - the object's representation
        imageProvider - the image provider
        label - the list element label
        comparisonSession - the comparison session, cannot be null