Interface IDtProject

  • public interface IDtProject
    A DT project handle. In a way it is an analogue to IProject. However it is wider as DT projects may not be imported to the workspace as Eclipse projects but exist as an ordinary filesystem directory or may be virtual, e.g. dynamically constructed from an existing project and some diff applied to it.
    • Method Detail

      • getId

        String getId()
        Gets the unique identifier of the project.
        the unique identifier of the project. Never null.
      • getType

        String getType()
        Gets the project type.
        the project type. Never null.
      • getName

        String getName()
        Gets the project name.
        the project name. Never null.
      • getWorkspaceProject

        org.eclipse.core.resources.IProject getWorkspaceProject()
        Gets the corresponding workspace project if any.
        the workspace project or null if there is no corresponding workspace project.