Class BaseSingleEmfResourceObjectImporter

    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseSingleEmfResourceObjectImporter

        protected BaseSingleEmfResourceObjectImporter​(IResourceContentImporter.IMergeStrategy mergeStrategy,
                                                      IQualifiedNameFilePathConverter qualifiedNameFilePathConverter,
                                                      ISymbolicNameService symbolicNameService,
                                                      IRuntimeVersionSupport runtimeVersionSupport,
                                                      IResourceContentImporterExtensionManager resourceContentImporterExtensionManager)
        Constructs a new instance.
        mergeStrategy - the merge strategy to use, may not be null.
        qualifiedNameFilePathConverter - the qualified name file path converter to use, may not be null.
        symbolicNameService - the symbolic name service to use, may not be null.
        runtimeVersionSupport - the runtime version support to use, may not be null.
        resourceContentImporterExtensionManager - the import extensions manager, may not be null.
    • Method Detail

      • getLoadOptions

        protected Map<Object,​Object> getLoadOptions​(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.resource.Resource resource)
        Subclasses override this method to provide custom resource load options. The default implementation always returns null.
        resource - The resource to provide load options for. May not be null.
        the load options. May be null.
      • resolveExternalReferencesDuringImport

        protected boolean resolveExternalReferencesDuringImport()
        Subclasses override this method to configure external reference resolving during the import of original XML document.
        true if the external refererences need to be resolved during the import, false otherwise.
      • doImportContent

        protected final void doImportContent​(IBmEngine engine,
                                             IBmTransaction transaction,
                                             IDtProject project,
                                             org.eclipse.core.runtime.IPath objectPath,
                                             IResourceAccessor resourceAccessor,
                                             boolean fullOverride)
        Description copied from class: BaseSingleResourceObjectImporter
        Subclasses implement this method to provide import logics.
        Specified by:
        doImportContent in class BaseSingleResourceObjectImporter
        engine - The BM engine to import the object into. May not be null.
        transaction - The BM transaction to import the object within. May not be null.
        project - The project the object belongs to. May not be null.
        objectPath - The resource path to import the object from. May not be null.
        resourceAccessor - The accessor to use to obtain the resource content etc. May not be null.
        fullOverride - The flag indicating that the full override strategy rather than merge must be used in case the object already exists.