Interface IResourceContentImporter

    • Field Detail


        static final String PLATFORM_VERSION
        Platform version parameter name. Being transferred as an option during the resource loading
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        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • getOrder

        int getOrder()
        Gets importer order. The lower the order value is, the earlier tasks created by this importer must be processed.
        the order value.
      • supports

        boolean supports​(org.eclipse.core.runtime.IPath path)
        Checks if this importer supports the specified resource.
        path - The path to the resource to check. May not be null.
        true if the resource is supported, false otherwise.
      • createTasks

        Collection<? extends IResourceContentImporter.IImportTask> createTasks​(Collection<org.eclipse.core.runtime.IPath> affectedPaths)
        Creates tasks based on the specified collection of affected (created, modified, deleted) resource paths. The returned tasks can be processed in parallel. In case the affectedPaths contains unsupported resources the behaviour of this method is not specified.
        affectedPaths - The affected resource paths. May not be null.
        a collection of tasks. Never null.
      • processTask

        void processTask​(IBmEngine engine,
                         IBmTransaction transaction,
                         IDtProject project,
                         IResourceContentImporter.IImportTask task,
                         IResourceAccessor resourceAccessor,
                         boolean fullOverride)
        Processes the specified import task. In case the task has not been created by this importer, the behaviour of this method is not specified.
        engine - The BM engine to import the object into. May not be null.
        transaction - The BM transaction to import the object within. May not be null.
        project - The project the object belongs to. May not be null.
        task - The task. May not be null.
        resourceAccessor - The accessor to use to obtain the resource content etc. May not be null.
        fullOverride - The flag indicating that the full override strategy rather that merge must be used in case the object already exists.