Class ReplaceByFeatureStrategy2

    • Constructor Detail

      • ReplaceByFeatureStrategy2

        public ReplaceByFeatureStrategy2()
        Constructs a new instance using fast containment list element matcher.
      • ReplaceByFeatureStrategy2

        public ReplaceByFeatureStrategy2​(boolean usePreciseContainmentListElementMatcher)
        Constructs a new instance.
        usePreciseContainmentListElementMatcher - The flag indicating whether to use precise containment list element matcher rather than fast one.
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      • merge

        public void merge​(IBmTransaction transaction,
                          org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject internalObject,
                          org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject externalObject,
                          org.eclipse.emf.ecore.resource.Resource externalResource,
                          boolean fullOverride)
        Description copied from interface: IResourceContentImporter.IMergeStrategy
        Performs object merge.
        Specified by:
        merge in interface IResourceContentImporter.IMergeStrategy
        transaction - The transaction to perform the merge within. May not be null.
        internalObject - The internal (belonging to the main object model and persisted in the long-term storage) object. May not be null.
        externalObject - The external (a temporary object containing data reflecting the physical resource contents to be loaded to the main object model) object. May not be null.
        externalResource - The external resource (the EMF-resource containing the external object). May not be null.
        fullOverride - The flag indicating whether the full override strategy must be used.