Class DcsDataSetInfoAvailableFieldInfo

    • Field Detail

      • dataPath

        public DcsPath[] dataPath
      • synonym

        public String synonym
      • characteristicIndex

        public int characteristicIndex
      • availableCompareKinds

        public int availableCompareKinds
      • isFolder

        public boolean isFolder
      • isTable

        public boolean isTable
      • availableAsField

        public boolean availableAsField
      • availableAsCondition

        public boolean availableAsCondition
      • availableAsOrder

        public boolean availableAsOrder
      • availableAsGroup

        public boolean availableAsGroup
      • nestedAvailableAsField

        public boolean nestedAvailableAsField
      • nestedAvailableAsCondition

        public boolean nestedAvailableAsCondition
      • nestedAvailableAsOrder

        public boolean nestedAvailableAsOrder
      • nestedAvailableAsGroup

        public boolean nestedAvailableAsGroup
      • periodNumber

        public int periodNumber
      • dimension

        public boolean dimension
      • parentDimension

        public String parentDimension
      • isAccount

        public boolean isAccount
      • accountKindExpression

        public String accountKindExpression
      • isBalance

        public boolean isBalance
      • balanceGroupName

        public String balanceGroupName
      • accountField

        public DcsPath accountField
      • ignoreNULLValues

        public boolean ignoreNULLValues
      • tooltip

        public String tooltip
      • markNegatives

        public boolean markNegatives
      • format

        public String format
      • inputFormat

        public String inputFormat
      • selectionForm

        public String selectionForm
      • typeLink

        public DcsPath typeLink
      • typeLinkItem

        public int typeLinkItem
      • autoChoiceUsage

        public boolean autoChoiceUsage
      • passwordStyle

        public boolean passwordStyle
      • multiline

        public boolean multiline
      • minValue

        public Value minValue
      • maxValue

        public Value maxValue
      • autoChoiceIncomplete

        public boolean autoChoiceIncomplete
      • autoMarkIncomplete

        public boolean autoMarkIncomplete
      • extEdit

        public boolean extEdit
      • numberAuto

        public boolean numberAuto
    • Constructor Detail

      • DcsDataSetInfoAvailableFieldInfo

        public DcsDataSetInfoAvailableFieldInfo()
    • Method Detail

      • getFieldDef

        public DbViewFieldDef getFieldDef()
        Returns the field's source.

        Source is used for matching data path segments with original data sources at forms

        the fieldDef, can be null
      • setFieldDef

        public void setFieldDef​(DbViewFieldDef fieldDef)
        Sets the field's source.
        fieldDef - the fieldDef to set, can be null
      • getSourceTextRegion

        public org.eclipse.xtext.util.ITextRegion getSourceTextRegion()
        Gets ITextRegion from query text corresponding to the field
        ITextRegion from query text corresponding to the field, can be null if region for field not cleary detected
      • setSourceTextPosition

        public void setSourceTextPosition​(org.eclipse.xtext.util.ITextRegion textRegion)
        Sets ITextRegion from query text corresponding to the field
        textRegion - from query text corresponding to the field, can be null if text region was not clear detected