Class ConditionalAppearanceEditingSupport

  • public class ConditionalAppearanceEditingSupport
    extends EditingSupport
    EditingSupport of conditional appearance
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConditionalAppearanceEditingSupport

        public ConditionalAppearanceEditingSupport​(ConditionalAppearance conditionalAppearance,
                                                   ColumnViewer viewer,
                                                   org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent,
                                                   IV8Project v8project,
                                                   int columnIndex,
                                                   boolean editable)
        conditionalAppearance - conditional appearance
        viewer - parent viewer
        parent - parent composite
        v8project - the V8 project, cannot be null
        columnIndex - column index
        editable - the editable state, true if this cell is editable, false otherwise