Class DataAdapterFactory

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    public class DataAdapterFactory
    extends org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.impl.AdapterFactoryImpl
    The Adapter Factory for the model. It provides an adapter createXXX method for each class of the model.
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    • Field Detail

      • modelPackage

        protected static DataPackage modelPackage
        The cached model package.
      • modelSwitch

        protected DataSwitch<org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.Adapter> modelSwitch
        The switch that delegates to the createXXX methods.
    • Constructor Detail

      • DataAdapterFactory

        public DataAdapterFactory()
        Creates an instance of the adapter factory.
    • Method Detail

      • isFactoryForType

        public boolean isFactoryForType​(Object object)
        Returns whether this factory is applicable for the type of the object. This implementation returns true if the object is either the model's package or is an instance object of the model.
        Specified by:
        isFactoryForType in interface org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.AdapterFactory
        isFactoryForType in class org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.impl.AdapterFactoryImpl
        whether this factory is applicable for the type of the object.
      • createAdapter

        public org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.Adapter createAdapter​(org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.Notifier target)
        Creates an adapter for the target.
        createAdapter in class org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.impl.AdapterFactoryImpl
        target - the object to adapt.
        the adapter for the target.
      • createForegroundWindowDataAdapter

        public org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.Adapter createForegroundWindowDataAdapter()
        Creates a new adapter for an object of class 'Foreground Window Data'. This default implementation returns null so that we can easily ignore cases; it's useful to ignore a case when inheritance will catch all the cases anyway.
        the new adapter.
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      • createEObjectAdapter

        public org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.Adapter createEObjectAdapter()
        Creates a new adapter for the default case. This default implementation returns null.
        the new adapter.