Class ErdEditor

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable, org.eclipse.core.runtime.IExecutableExtension, org.eclipse.ui.IEditorPart, org.eclipse.ui.ISaveablePart, org.eclipse.ui.IWorkbenchPart, org.eclipse.ui.IWorkbenchPart2, org.eclipse.ui.IWorkbenchPart3, org.eclipse.ui.part.IWorkbenchPartOrientation

    public class ErdEditor
    extends com._1c.g5.v8.dt.diagram.framework.ui.editors.AbstractDiagramEditor
    Entity-Relation diagram editor. Using this editor user can inspect configuration md objects as diagram.
    Editor can contain multiple tabs. Each tab contains one diagram.
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    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static String EDITOR_ID
      Editor id.
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    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor Description
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      void clearLocalToolbar​(org.eclipse.jface.action.IToolBarManager manager)
      Removes diagram actions from local toolbar.
      void createPartControl​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent)  
      void dispose()  
      void doSave​(org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor monitor)  
      void doSaveAs()  
      void fillLocalToolBar​(org.eclipse.jface.action.IToolBarManager manager)
      Adds diagram actions to local toolbar.
      ErdActionsManager getActionsManager()
      Returns editor actions manager.
      ErdColorManager getColorManager()
      Returns erd color manager.
      ErdOperationManager getOperationManager()
      Returns editor operation manager.
      org.eclipse.ui.IPartListener getPartListener()
      Returns part listener.
      IV8ProjectManager getProjectManager()
      Returns v8 project manager.
      IResourceLookup getResourceLookup()
      Returns resource lookup.
      ErdTabsManager getTabsManager()
      Returns editor tabs manager.
      void init​(org.eclipse.ui.IEditorSite site, org.eclipse.ui.IEditorInput input)  
      boolean isEmbedded()
      Returns true if editor is embedded.
      boolean isSaveAsAllowed()  
      void operationExecuted()
      Fires operation executed event.
      void setEmbedded​(boolean isEmbedded)
      Sets if this editor is embedded or not.
      void setFocus()  
      void setUndoContext​(org.eclipse.core.commands.operations.IUndoContext undoContext)
      Sets undo context.
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        getDiagramDocumentProvider, isDirty, setDiagramDocumentProvider
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        checkSite, getEditorInput, getEditorSite, getTitleToolTip, isSaveOnCloseNeeded, setContentDescription, setInitializationData, setInput, setInputWithNotify, setPartName
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        addPartPropertyListener, addPropertyListener, firePartPropertyChanged, firePropertyChange, getAdapter, getConfigurationElement, getContentDescription, getDefaultImage, getOrientation, getPartName, getPartProperties, getPartProperty, getSite, getTitle, getTitleImage, removePartPropertyListener, removePropertyListener, setPartProperty, setSite, setTitle, setTitleImage, setTitleToolTip, showBusy
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        addListenerObject, clearListeners, getListeners, isListenerAttached, removeListenerObject
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        addPropertyListener, getSite, getTitle, getTitleImage, removePropertyListener
    • Constructor Detail

      • ErdEditor

        public ErdEditor()
    • Method Detail

      • doSave

        public void doSave​(org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor monitor)
        Specified by:
        doSave in interface org.eclipse.ui.ISaveablePart
        doSave in class com._1c.g5.v8.dt.diagram.framework.ui.editors.AbstractDiagramEditor
      • doSaveAs

        public void doSaveAs()
        Specified by:
        doSaveAs in interface org.eclipse.ui.ISaveablePart
        Specified by:
        doSaveAs in class org.eclipse.ui.part.EditorPart
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        Specified by:
        dispose in interface org.eclipse.ui.IWorkbenchPart
        dispose in class org.eclipse.ui.part.WorkbenchPart
      • init

        public void init​(org.eclipse.ui.IEditorSite site,
                         org.eclipse.ui.IEditorInput input)
                  throws org.eclipse.ui.PartInitException
        Specified by:
        init in interface org.eclipse.ui.IEditorPart
        init in class com._1c.g5.v8.dt.diagram.framework.ui.editors.AbstractDiagramEditor
      • isSaveAsAllowed

        public boolean isSaveAsAllowed()
        Specified by:
        isSaveAsAllowed in interface org.eclipse.ui.ISaveablePart
        Specified by:
        isSaveAsAllowed in class org.eclipse.ui.part.EditorPart
      • createPartControl

        public void createPartControl​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent)
        Specified by:
        createPartControl in interface org.eclipse.ui.IWorkbenchPart
        Specified by:
        createPartControl in class org.eclipse.ui.part.WorkbenchPart
      • setFocus

        public void setFocus()
        Specified by:
        setFocus in interface org.eclipse.ui.IWorkbenchPart
        Specified by:
        setFocus in class org.eclipse.ui.part.WorkbenchPart
      • getActionsManager

        public ErdActionsManager getActionsManager()
        Returns editor actions manager.
        editor actions manager. Can't return null.
      • getOperationManager

        public ErdOperationManager getOperationManager()
        Returns editor operation manager.
        editor operation manager. Returns null if editor is not initialized.
      • getTabsManager

        public ErdTabsManager getTabsManager()
        Returns editor tabs manager.
        editor tabs manager. Returns null if editor is not initialized.
      • getColorManager

        public ErdColorManager getColorManager()
        Returns erd color manager.
        erd color manager. Returns null if editor is not initialized.
      • getProjectManager

        public IV8ProjectManager getProjectManager()
        Returns v8 project manager.
        v8 project manager. Can't return null
      • getResourceLookup

        public IResourceLookup getResourceLookup()
        Returns resource lookup.
        resource lookup. Can't return null
      • setUndoContext

        public void setUndoContext​(org.eclipse.core.commands.operations.IUndoContext undoContext)
        Sets undo context.
        undoContext - - undo context to set. Can't be null.
      • operationExecuted

        public void operationExecuted()
        Fires operation executed event.
      • getPartListener

        public org.eclipse.ui.IPartListener getPartListener()
        Returns part listener.
        part listener. Can't return null.
      • fillLocalToolBar

        public void fillLocalToolBar​(org.eclipse.jface.action.IToolBarManager manager)
        Adds diagram actions to local toolbar.
        manager - - toolbar manager. Can't b null.
      • clearLocalToolbar

        public void clearLocalToolbar​(org.eclipse.jface.action.IToolBarManager manager)
        Removes diagram actions from local toolbar.
        manager - - toolbar manager. Can't b null.
      • setEmbedded

        public void setEmbedded​(boolean isEmbedded)
        Sets if this editor is embedded or not.
        isEmbedded - - true if editor is embedded.
      • isEmbedded

        public boolean isEmbedded()
        Returns true if editor is embedded.
        true if editor is embedded.