Class BaseXmlExportFileSystemSupport

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        public static final Map<org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EClass,​String> TOP_OBJECT_FOLDER_NAMES
        Map of top object metadata classes to XML folder names
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      • BaseXmlExportFileSystemSupport

        public BaseXmlExportFileSystemSupport()
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      • getMdObjectTargetDirectory

        protected Path getMdObjectTargetDirectory​(MdObject mdObject)
        Path to common target folder for specified metadata object

        Note this is base implementation of suppor for original XML hierarchy actual for metadata object since 1C:Designer v8.3.6 hierarchical export.
        Subclass must determine the final position of exported file relative of top object metadata directory

        • Configuration -> empty path (root folder)
        • Catalog.Catalog1 -> "Catalogs/"
        • Catalog.Catalog1.Forms.Form1 -> "Catalogs/Catalog1/Forms/"
        • CommonForm.CommonForm1 -> "CommonForms/"
        • Subsystem.Subsystem1.Subsystem.Subsystem2 -> "Subsystems/Subsystem1/Subsystems/"
        • Table.Table1 -> "ExternalDataSources/ExternalDataSources1/Tables/"
        mdObject - the metadata object, cannot be null
        path to common target folder, never null