Class ExtensionBasedExporterQualifier

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    public class ExtensionBasedExporterQualifier
    extends Object
    implements IExporterQualifier
    Exporter qualifier implementation based on Eclipse Extension Point with name com._1c.g5.v8.dt.export.xml.exporterQualifier. Implementation aggregates all reqistered extensions and qualifies exporter with all extensions.
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      • ExtensionBasedExporterQualifier

        public ExtensionBasedExporterQualifier()
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      • qualify

        public boolean qualify​(IExporter exporter,
                               Version version,
                               org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject eObject)
        Description copied from interface: IExporterQualifier
        Qualify whether need to use the provided IExporter for the provided object and version.
        Specified by:
        qualify in interface IExporterQualifier
        exporter - the exporter to check, cannot be null
        version - the 1C:Enterprise runtime version, cannot be null
        eObject - the object to export, cannot be null
        whether need to use the provider IExporter for the provided object and version