Class VirtualGridHelper

  • public class VirtualGridHelper
    extends Object
    Set of standard processing funcitons for the data contained in Virtual Grid models.
    • Constructor Detail

      • VirtualGridHelper

        public VirtualGridHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • getMasterSlaveName

        public static String getMasterSlaveName​(boolean master,
                                                VirtualGridElementDescription virutalGridElementDescription)
        Gets the master/slave name for the virtual grid element description.
        master - The master designator.
        virutalGridElementDescription - The source virutal grid element description.
        The master/slave name
      • isRootVirtualGrid

        public static boolean isRootVirtualGrid​(HippoLayVirtualGridBase grid)
        Tells whether the given grid is a root grid or not.
        grid - the grid to check.
        true if the grid is a root grid, false otherwise.