Interface ILogFormElementCommandsInfoBase

  • public interface ILogFormElementCommandsInfoBase
    Form element command filling helper interface.
    • Method Detail

      • fillGroup

        boolean fillGroup​(FillingGroupKind kind,
                          FormStandardCommandSource commandSource,
                          FormItemContainer pGroup,
                          int commandsGroupId,
                          String namePrefix,
                          boolean canInsertDefaultButton,
                          ModelFiltrationContext context)
        Fills the command group with commands.
        kind - The kind of group.
        commandSource - The standard command source.
        pGroup - The target group.
        commandsGroupId - The identifier of the target group.
        namePrefix - The prfix of the command name.
        canInsertDefaultButton - True if we need to insert default button.
        context - The filtration context.
        True if the button was added; false otherwise.