Class GroupItemQuery.ExistsGroupItemCriteria

    • Constructor Detail

      • ExistsGroupItemCriteria

        public ExistsGroupItemCriteria​(Command command,
                                       AbstractDataPath path)
        Creates an new query.
        command - the checked command.(can be null if path is not null).
        path - the checked path. (can be null if command is not null).
    • Method Detail

      • select

        public Boolean select​(CommandInterfaceMapping root,
                              Map<Object,​? extends List<IMappingModel<? extends org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject>>> mapping)
        The method selects data from Mapping. Data can get from mapping root model(IMappingRoot) or map of relation between domain model and basic mapping model (TBasicModel).
        Specified by:
        select in interface IQuery<Boolean,​CommandInterfaceMapping>
        root - - is root mapping object.
        mapping - - is map of relation (domain model - basic mapping model)
        the result of query.