Interface IPathIndexBmProvider

  • public interface IPathIndexBmProvider
    Facade interface for the path quick resolving index functionality. Could be used for:
    • Searching paths (and containing form elements) based on objects being referenced from path segments.
    • Resolving path segments and finding referenced objects.
    • Method Detail

      • addFormToIndex

        void addFormToIndex​(Form form)
        Indexes all data paths contained in form elements.
        form - The form to index data paths for.
      • addOrUpdateFormElementIndex

        void addOrUpdateFormElementIndex​(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject formElement)
        Adds or updates information about dataPaths contained in the form element.
        formElement - The element for update.
      • getBmObjectRelatedPaths

        List<DataPathReferredObject> getBmObjectRelatedPaths​(long bmObjectId)
        Gets the list of datapaths associated with the given object.
        bmObjectId - The identifier of the object.
        The list of related datapaths.