Interface IFormItemNameGenerator

  • public interface IFormItemNameGenerator
    Generator of unique names of form items.
    • Method Detail

      • generateUniqueName

        String generateUniqueName​(String candidate,
                                  FormItem item,
                                  FormVisualEntity context,
                                  Form form,
                                  ScriptVariant scriptVariant)
        Generates a unique name.

        If the specified candidate is null or empty then a default name will be used, otherwise the initial custom name will be used.

        candidate - the candidate for a name, can be null or empty.
        item - the item for which to create unique name, can not be null.
        context - the object in which the current item lies, can not be null.
        form - the form, can not be null.
        scriptVariant - the script variant, can not be null.
        the unique name, vener null or empty.