Class FormParameterManagementService

  • public class FormParameterManagementService
    extends Object
    The service of management for a form parameter. Any manipulations has to happen to parameters of a form through this service.
    • Constructor Detail

      • FormParameterManagementService

        public FormParameterManagementService()
    • Method Detail

      • addParameter

        public void addParameter​(Form form,
                                 FormParameter parameter)
        Adds a parameter to the form. In time addition the unique name is set to the parameter.
        form - the form in which is added new parameter
        parameter - it is the added form parameter
      • deleteParameter

        public void deleteParameter​(FormParameter parameter)
        Remove the form parameter from a form which contains it.
        parameter - the removal parameter
      • replaceFormExtensionParameter

        public void replaceFormExtensionParameter​(IBmTransaction transaction,
                                                  FormParameter srcParameter,
                                                  FormParameter destParameter,
                                                  Form form)
        Replaces borrowed parameter in extension form to base (inherited) parameter
        transaction - bm transaction, cannot be null
        srcParameter - source parameter to be replaced, cannot be null
        destParameter - destination parameter to replace with, cannot be null
        form - model, cannot be null