Class FormItemActionsGroup

    • Field Detail

      • toolBarManager

        protected org.eclipse.jface.action.IToolBarManager toolBarManager
    • Constructor Detail

      • FormItemActionsGroup

        public FormItemActionsGroup​(ISelectionProvider provider,
                                    MappingController controller,
                                    IFormEditorPage editorPage,
                                    FormCopyPasteActionProvider copyPasteActionProvider)
        Creates a new actions group.
        provider - the selection provider
        controller - the mapping model controller
        editorPage - the form editor page
        copyPasteActionProvider - the copy paste action provider
    • Method Detail

      • listenResolutionChanges

        public void listenResolutionChanges​(BiConsumer<Integer,​Integer> resolutionListener,
                                            int currentWidth,
                                            int currentHeight)
        Start listening of resolution changes. The listener and the current active resolution must be given to subscribe.
        resolutionListener - the listener to set
        currentWidth - the current width
      • listenWysiwygViewChanges

        public void listenWysiwygViewChanges​(Consumer<Boolean> viewChangeListener,
                                             boolean isCurrentViewCompact)
        Start listening of WYSIWYG view changes. The listener and the current active view (compact or not) must be given to subscribe.
        viewChangeListener - the listener to set
        isCurrentViewCompact - the current view state, compact or not
      • getContextId

        public String getContextId()
        Description copied from interface: IGlobalActionsProvider
        The id of context which provides this class.
        the context id
      • getGlobalActions

        public Set<org.eclipse.jface.action.IAction> getGlobalActions()
        Description copied from interface: IGlobalActionsProvider
        Returns the global action for current context. This method can not returns null. If provider has not global actions, is should be return empty set.
        the global actions
        See Also:
      • contributeToToolbar

        public void contributeToToolbar​(org.eclipse.jface.action.IToolBarManager manager)
        Description copied from class: AbstractActionsGroup
        This method contribute to toolbar
        Specified by:
        contributeToToolbar in class AbstractActionsGroup
        manager - the toolbar manager
      • contributeToMenu

        public void contributeToMenu​(org.eclipse.jface.action.IMenuManager manager)
        Description copied from class: AbstractActionsGroup
        This method contribute to context menu
        Specified by:
        contributeToMenu in class AbstractActionsGroup
        manager - the context menu manager
      • runPreviewAction

        protected void runPreviewAction()
        The method run a preview action
      • runShowCommandBarAction

        protected void runShowCommandBarAction()
        The method run a show command bar action
      • runChangeVisibilityItemByType

        protected void runChangeVisibilityItemByType​(ItemType type)
        The method change item visibility by inverse current visible value
        type - the type by search item for change item
      • calculateAvailablesGoToTtems

        protected List<com._1c.g5.v8.dt.form.internal.ui.service._goto.GoToItem> calculateAvailablesGoToTtems()
        Description copied from class: FormActionsGroup
        This method calculate available the goto item for current selection
        calculateAvailablesGoToTtems in class FormActionsGroup
        the available goto items. If items hot exists should return empty list.
      • getRotateDisplayAction

        protected org.eclipse.jface.action.IAction getRotateDisplayAction()
        Returns rotate display action.
        rotate display action, never null
      • getChangeResolutionAction

        protected org.eclipse.jface.action.IAction getChangeResolutionAction()
        Returns change resolution action.
        change resolution action, never null
      • getChangeWysiwygViewAction

        protected org.eclipse.jface.action.IAction getChangeWysiwygViewAction()
        Returns change wysiwyg view action.
        change wysiwyg view action, never null