Class FormWizard.FormModel

    • Constructor Detail

      • FormModel

        public FormModel​(IDtNewWizardContext<BasicForm> context,
                         String namePrefix,
                         String projectNamePrefix,
                         IRuntimeVersionSupport versionSupport,
                         IFormGenerator formGenerator,
                         IFormFieldGenerator formFieldGenerator,
                         IV8ProjectManager v8projectManager)
        Creates a new model.
        context - the wizard context, cannot be null
        namePrefix - the name prefix of creating object, cannot be null
        projectNamePrefix - the project name prefix or null} if not needed
        versionSupport - the IRuntimeVersionSupport, cannot be null
        formGenerator - the from generator, cannot be null
        formFieldGenerator - the from field generator, cannot be null
        v8projectManager - the V8 project manager, cannot be null
    • Method Detail

      • getColumnCount

        public IValue<Integer> getColumnCount()
        column count model
      • isDefaultVisible

        public boolean isDefaultVisible()
        the value indicating whenever to show the 'default form' checkbox or not
      • isDefaultItemEnabled

        public boolean isDefaultItemEnabled()
        Checks, is default item (object, folder) form.
        the value indicating whenever to enable the 'default item form' checkbox or not for catalog and cct forms
      • getDefaultValue

        public IValue<Boolean> getDefaultValue()
        the model for 'default form' checkbox
      • getDefaultItemValue

        public IValue<Boolean> getDefaultItemValue()
        the model for 'default item form' checkbox