Interface IWysiwygHtmlPage

    • Method Detail

      • updateHtml

        void updateHtml​(String htmlText,
                        boolean escape)

        Update html on wysiwyg page

        htmlText - the text to set in wysiwyg editor, cannot be null
        escape - true if text need to be escape, false if otherwise.
      • updateSelection

        void updateSelection​(int offset,
                             int length,
                             int headerLength)

        Update selection on wysiwyg page

        offset - the selection offset relative to the body tag
        length - the selection length
        headerLength - the length of text befoge body content
      • restoreSelection

        void restoreSelection()

        Restore last selection on wysiwyg page

        Use this method after show any modal dialog on wysiwyg page, because the editor can lose selection when dialog will be closed

      • executeCommand

        void executeCommand​(String commandName,
                            String... args)
        Delegate command executing for Wysiwyg page
        commandName - the command name to execute, cannot be null
        args - the command arguments sequence, cannot be null