Interface IHierarchyImporterContext

  • public interface IHierarchyImporterContext

    Context for hierarchy importer

    Contain static data and services to a single import operation

    • Method Detail

      • getProject

        org.eclipse.core.resources.IProject getProject()
        Returns the context project to use by importers. Clients should use this project as context only. To get import destination clients should call getLocation().
        the context IProject, never null
      • getLocation

        org.eclipse.core.runtime.IPath getLocation()
        Returns a base location to use by importers as base path to import model objects to.
        a base location to use by importers, never null
      • getFileSystemSupport

        IProjectFileSystemSupport getFileSystemSupport()
        Returns a file system support to use by importers to get model object paths relative to base location.
        a file system support to use by importers, never null
      • getVersion

        Version getVersion()
        1C:Enterprise Runtime version
        the Version, never null
      • getSourceFileName

        String getSourceFileName()
        The name of root xml file for import
        the String value of root xml file name, optional, can be null
      • getSourceRoot

        Path getSourceRoot()
        Path to root xml folder for import
        the Path to xml source, never null
      • getHierarchyImporter

        IHierarchyImporter getHierarchyImporter​(String key)
                                         throws ImportException
        Get hierarchy importer for given key and contain 1C:Enterprise Runtime version
        key - the string key of hierarchy importer type (not null)
        instance of IHierarchyImporter, never null
        ImportException - if importer for this key and version is unregistered
      • getPostProcessor

        INodePostProcessor getPostProcessor()
        Returns hierarchy combined import node post processor that executes all registered node post processors.
        the hierarchy import node post processor, never null
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