Interface IIncidentManagementService

  • public interface IIncidentManagementService
    Incident management service collects all supported incidents and provides client part with incident indication/processing workflow.
    • Method Detail

      • registerIncident

        void registerIncident​(org.eclipse.core.runtime.IStatus status)
        Gegisters a new incident
        status - The status being the source of the incident registration. Cannot be null
      • captureNextIncident

        IncidentDetails captureNextIncident()
        Captures next incident for the processing
        The next incident if exist and another incident isn't being processed at the moment. Returns null in case if there are no incidents requiring processing or there is an incident being investigated at the moment.
      • confirmIncidentResolution

        void confirmIncidentResolution()
        Confirms the incident resolution. Allows to capture next incident for processing via the captureNextIncident()
        result -
      • isIncidentBeingInvestigated

        boolean isIncidentBeingInvestigated()
        Checks if there is an incident being investigated at the moment
        True in case if the incident is being investigated at the momemnt. False otherwise