Interface IMdTypeIndex

  • public interface IMdTypeIndex
    The fast index of MD types. Provides some commonly used type selections (like ref types, etc). Types are available only for DT projects being loaded at the moment (as the part of DT project lifecycle). The index is self-cleanable (on request of types) and always returns the set of types available at the moment of request
    • Method Detail

      • addTypeToIndex

        void addTypeToIndex​(MdType type)
        Adds type to the index
        type - The type to add. May not be null
      • getRefTypes

        List<Type> getRefTypes​(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject context,
                               String typeCategory)
        Gets ref types for the given project
        context - The context object to get the type by. Used to find the corresponding IDtProject. May not be null
        typeCategory - The type category. May not be null
        The list of associated types or empty collection. Never null
      • getResolvedTypeSetTypes

        Iterable<Type> getResolvedTypeSetTypes​(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject context,
                                               TypeSet typeSet)
        Gets the resolved TypeSet types
        context - The resolution context object. May not be null
        typeSet - The TypeSet to resolve. May not be null
        The iterable with resolved types. May not be null