Class TypesUtil

  • public final class TypesUtil
    extends Object
    Utility class for types.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TypesUtil

        public TypesUtil()
    • Method Detail

      • getChoiceParameterLinksTypesForAllowedNames

        public static Collection<TypeItem> getChoiceParameterLinksTypesForAllowedNames​(IV8Project v8project,
                                                                                       TypeItem item)
        For the given TypeItem builds the collection of types that are the source for choice parameter links allowed names.
        v8project - the V8 project, cannot be null
        item - the TypeItem of the feature, can be null
        the TypeItem objects collection, never null
      • isValueStorageOrUnlimitedString

        public static boolean isValueStorageOrUnlimitedString​(TypeDescription type)
        Checks, if type description contains unlimited length string or value storage single type.
        type - the type description, can not be null
        true if contains