Interface IPictureModel

    • Method Detail

      • getV8project

        IV8Project getV8project()
        Returns V8 project.
        the V8 project.
      • getModelObject

        org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject getModelObject()
        Gets model object for setting picture
        model object for setting picture, never null
      • getPictureService

        IPictureService getPictureService()
        Returns picture service.
        the picture service
      • set

        void set​(Object picture,
                 Point transparentPoint)
        Sets picture parts.
        picture - the picture to set - null, Picture or String type
        transparentPoint - the transparentPoint
      • clean

        void clean()
        Clean picture value
      • isPictureCanChoiseFromFile

        boolean isPictureCanChoiseFromFile()
        true if this picture can be stored as file in file system. This option affect to show tab "from file" in choise picture dialog.
        true if this picture can be stored as file, false in otherwise.