Class MdExtendedWysiwygHtmlPage

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    public class MdExtendedWysiwygHtmlPage
    extends WysiwygHtmlPage
    Metadata Wysiwyg html page
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      protected Optional<String> executeCommandConstructor​(String commandName, String... args)
      Construct command for execute in wysiwyg page browser
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    • Constructor Detail

      • MdExtendedWysiwygHtmlPage

        public MdExtendedWysiwygHtmlPage​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent,
                                         Version version,
                                         org.eclipse.core.resources.IProject project,
                                         IColorProvider colorProvider,
                                         IV8ProjectManager projectManager,
                                         IMdObjectByTypeProvider objectByTypeProvider,
                                         String location,
                                         int style)
        Create instance of extended WysiwygHtmlPage for editing dt helps
        parent - a widget which will be the parent of the new instance, cannot be null, cannot be null
        version - the 1C:Enterprise runtime version, cannot be null
        project - the project context, cannot be null
        colorProvider - the color provider, cannot be null
        projectManager - the instance of IV8ProjectManager service, cannot be null
        objectByTypeProvider - the instance of IMdObjectByTypeProvider service, cannot be null
        location - the wysiwyg initiate location, cannot be null
        style - the style of widget to construct, cannot be null
        See Also:
        WysiwygHtmlPage#WysiwygHtmlPage(Composite, int)
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      • executeCommandConstructor

        protected Optional<String> executeCommandConstructor​(String commandName,
                                                             String... args)
        Description copied from class: WysiwygHtmlPage

        Construct command for execute in wysiwyg page browser

        Subclasses may extend and must call super implementation.

        executeCommandConstructor in class WysiwygHtmlPage
        commandName - the command name, cannot be null
        args - the command arguments sequence, cannot be null
        string command for execute in SWT Browser