Class AttachedNavigatorAdapter

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    org.eclipse.core.runtime.IAdaptable, org.eclipse.ui.model.IWorkbenchAdapter, org.eclipse.ui.model.IWorkbenchAdapter2, org.eclipse.ui.model.IWorkbenchAdapter3

    public final class AttachedNavigatorAdapter
    extends VirtualNavigatorAdapterBase
    Navigator adapter for use with AttachingTreeContentProvider. This adapter may be attached to any tree node.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AttachedNavigatorAdapter

        public AttachedNavigatorAdapter​(String label,
                                        org.eclipse.jface.resource.ImageDescriptor icon)
        Instantiates a new attached navigator adapter.
        label - the label
        icon - the icon
      • AttachedNavigatorAdapter

        public AttachedNavigatorAdapter​(AttachedNavigatorAdapter adapter,
                                        Object parent)
        Instantiates a new attached navigator adapter based on the existing adapter and parent.
        adapter - the existing adapter
        parent - the parent