Class LwtPropertyPaletteRenderer

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      • LwtPropertyPaletteRenderer

        public LwtPropertyPaletteRenderer()
        Creates a new renderer instance.
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      • viewCanBeReused

        protected boolean viewCanBeReused​(IView<?,​?,​?> view,
                                          IViewModel oldViewModel,
                                          IViewModel newViewModel)
        Description copied from class: LwtRenderer
        Checks if the specified view associated with the oldViewModel can be reused for the given newViewModel.

        Default implementation always returns false.

        viewCanBeReused in class LwtRenderer
        view - the view associated with the oldViewModel, cannot be null.
        oldViewModel - the old view model, cannot be null.
        newViewModel - the new view model, cannot be null.
        true if the view can be reused for the newViewModel, false - otherwise.