Class TypeInfo.TypeClassifiers

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class TypeInfo.TypeClassifiers
    extends Object
    Class contains additional information about TypeInfo
    • priority - priority for the Type Chooser Dialog
    • sigle - is type single
    • strongSingle - is type strongSingle
    • sysEnum - is system enumuration
    • typeSet - is type TypeSet
    • Field Detail

      • priority

        public int priority
      • single

        public final boolean single
      • strongSingle

        public final boolean strongSingle
      • sysEnum

        public final boolean sysEnum
      • typeSet

        public final boolean typeSet
    • Constructor Detail

      • TypeClassifiers

        public TypeClassifiers​(int priority,
                               boolean sysEnum,
                               boolean typeSet,
                               boolean single,
                               boolean strongSingle)
        priority - the priority
        sysEnum - is sys-enum
        typeSet - is type set
        single - is single
        strongSingle - is strong single