Interface IInfobaseAssociation

  • public interface IInfobaseAssociation
    Represents associations between project and infobases. Associations can be created after project import from infobase or project deploy to infobase or can be created manually by the user.

    Infobase association instances are immutable and are snapshots of the association state by the time they are received by clients.

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    • Method Detail

      • getProject

        org.eclipse.core.resources.IProject getProject()
        Returns the associated project.
        the associated project, never null
      • getInfobases

        Collection<InfobaseReference> getInfobases()
        Returns infobases, that are associated with project. Returned collection is unmodifiable and can only be iterated.
        a non-empty collection of infobases, that are associated with project, never null
      • getDefaultInfobase

        InfobaseReference getDefaultInfobase()
        Returns the default infobase to use for this infobase association.

        Can be used for default infobase selection in UI (e.g. launch configurations).

        the default infobase to use for this infobase association, never null