Interface IConflictResolveOption

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    ILoadOption, IUpdateOption

    public interface IConflictResolveOption
    extends ILoadOption, IUpdateOption
    Infobase update or load option that forces load operation to update infobase database structure and allows to specify database structure update confclit callback.
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      • onConflict

        boolean onConflict​(InfobaseReference infobase,
                           Set<org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject> projectChanges,
                           IInfobaseConfigurationChange infobaseChange,
                           IInfobaseUpdateConflictResolver.IConflictResolveAssist assist,
                           org.eclipse.core.runtime.IProgressMonitor monitor)
                    throws InfobaseSynchronizationException
        Resolve conflict the provided project changes with the infobase configuration changes. Clients need to implement using provided resolver and resolve assist and then return true whether conflict is resolved or false if resolve was unsuccessful or been cancelled.
        project - the project to update infobase for, cannot be null
        infobase - the updating infobase, cannot be null
        projectChanges - the project metadata object changes, cannot be null
        infobaseChange - the infobase configuration changes, cannot be null
        assist - the resolve conflict assist to provide to conflict resolver, cannot be null
        monitor - the progress monitor to report progress to, cannot be null
        true whether conflict is resolved or false if resolve was unsuccessful or has been cancelled
        InfobaseSynchronizationException - if a conflict resolve error occurred
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