Interface IInfobasePublicationStore

  • public interface IInfobasePublicationStore
    Stores and loads infobase publications. Publications settings are located in the publication store file. By default, it is file default.vrd in the directory of the virtual application.

    IInfobasePublicationStore allows to create publication store file with publication content, to load or to edit existing publication configurations store files.

    • Field Detail


        static final String STORE_DEFAULT_NAME
        The default name, using by 1C:Enterprise runtime as infobase publication store file name.

        Value is default.vrd.

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        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • store

        void store​(InfobasePublication publication)
            throws WebServerAccessException
        Creates a publication configuration file from InfobasePublication instance.

        Infobase publication instance contains all information such as name, infobase location, pool settings, etc. Publication will be serialized as configuration file in XML format.

        The publication instance must contain at least:

        • Name
        • Infobase connection
        • Location
        publication - the infobase publication to serialize to the configuration file, cannot be null
        WebServerAccessException - if storing fails with some reason; reasons include:
        • Incorrect publication format
        • I/O errors
      • delete

        boolean delete​(Path storeLocation)
                throws WebServerAccessException
        Deletes the publication store file by the given path. Returns whether the specified publication store was actually deleted.
        storeLocation - a path to the infobase publication store file, cannot be null
        whether specified publication store was actually deleted
        WebServerAccessException - if delete fails with some reason, e.g. access denied
      • validate

        org.eclipse.core.runtime.IStatus validate​(InfobasePublication publication)
        Validates the given publication instance and returns validation status. Validates publication fields content, syntax, target infobase existence, etc.

        Returned status will always be a multi-status with children.

        publication - the publication to validate, cannot be null
        validation status with errors and warnings or OK status if publication content is correct, always will be a multi-status