Class InfobaseAssociationsTableViewer

    • Constructor Detail

      • InfobaseAssociationsTableViewer

        public InfobaseAssociationsTableViewer​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Table table,
                                               org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent,
                                               IInfobaseSynchronizationManager infobaseSynchronizationManager,
                                               IInfobaseAccessManager infobaseAccessManager,
                                               IInfobaseAssociationManager infobaseAssociationManager,
                                               PlatformServicesUiFactory uiFactory)
        table - the table control to create viewer for, cannot be null
        parent - the parent composite with only one table created on it (for TableColumnLayout providing), cannot be null
        infobaseSynchronizationManager - the infobase syncrhonization manager, cannot be null
        infobaseAccessManager - the infobase access manager, cannot be null
        infobaseAssociationManager - the infobase association manager, cannot be null
        uiFactory - the UI platform services factory, cannot be null
    • Method Detail

      • setStructuredInput

        public void setStructuredInput​(Collection<InfobaseReference> infobases,
                                       org.eclipse.core.resources.IProject project)
        Set infobase association table viewer content.
        infobases - collection of infobases to set for input, cannot be null
        project - the project to set infobase association viewer input for, cannot be null
      • clearStructuredInput

        public void clearStructuredInput()
        Clears structured input of the viewer - no infobases will be shown.
      • getStructuredInput

        public Collection<InfobaseReference> getStructuredInput()
        Returns infobase association table input.

        Clients may modify this collection and then refresh table.

        infobase association table input, never null
      • dispose

        public void dispose()
        Dispose viewer resources.
      • showDefaultInfobaseBolded

        public void showDefaultInfobaseBolded​(boolean boldDefault)
        Show default infobase with BOLD style.
        boldDefault - whether need to default infobase with BOLD style
      • clearNotAssociated

        public void clearNotAssociated​(boolean refresh)
        Clear all not associated infobases from the viewer input.
        refresh - whether need to refresh viewer after clearing
      • createColumns

        protected void createColumns​(org.eclipse.jface.layout.TableColumnLayout columnLayout)
        Create table viewer columns.
        columnLayout - column layout, cannot be null
      • createColumn

        protected TableViewerColumn createColumn​(String headerName,
                                                 int style)
        Create default table viewer column. Column is set as resizable and moveable.
        headerName - column header name, cannot be null
        style - column style
        table viewer column, never null
      • handleDoubleClick

        protected void handleDoubleClick()
        Handles table viewer double click. Default implementation opens selected infobase access settings.