Class SpreadsheetDocumentTemplateBuilder

  • public class SpreadsheetDocumentTemplateBuilder
    extends Object
    Spreadsheet document template builder for output query result
    • Method Detail

      • findTemplateWithName

        public static BasicTemplate findTemplateWithName​(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject mdObject,
                                                         String templateName)
        Find template with name
        mdObject - - MdObject
        templateName - - template name
        template or null
      • buildSpreadsheetDocument

        public Pair<SpreadsheetDocument,​BasicTemplate> buildSpreadsheetDocument​(org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject mdObject,
                                                                                      boolean isReplaceTemplate)
        Build spreadsheet document
        mdObject - - parent MDObject, used for generate template
        isReplaceTemplate - - if false, if template with name exist will be generated new name, otherwise template will be replaced
        pair with spreadsheet document and template
      • fillSpreadsheetDocument

        public void fillSpreadsheetDocument​(SpreadsheetDocument spreadsheetDocument,
                                            List<QuerySchemaTotalControlPoint> totals,
                                            List<QuerySchemaExpression> totalsExpressions,
                                            List<QuerySchemaExpression> allFields,
                                            boolean isCommonTotals)
        Fill spreadsheet document
        spreadsheetDocument - - spreadsheet document
        totals - - totals controls points
        totalsExpressions - - totals expressions
        allFields - - selected fields in first operator
        isCommonTotals - - is common totals