Class AbstractCompareMergePerformanceTestCase

  • public abstract class AbstractCompareMergePerformanceTestCase
    extends Object
    General logic of performance tests for compare/merge.
    • Field Detail

      • testName

        public org.junit.rules.TestName testName
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractCompareMergePerformanceTestCase

        public AbstractCompareMergePerformanceTestCase()
    • Method Detail

      • setUp

        public void setUp()
      • tearDown

        public void tearDown()
      • runTest

        protected void runTest​(String repoName,
                               String mainCommitId,
                               String otherCommitId,
                               String projectName,
                               int runComparisonTimes,
                               ResourcesConsumption expectedResourcesConsumption)
                        throws Exception
        Runs performance testing of compare and merge processes on two commits from the given Git repository.
        repoName - the repository name, cannot be null
        mainCommitId - Commit ID for main side, cannot be null
        otherCommitId - Commit ID for other side, cannot be null
        projectName - the name of the project in the repository, cannot be null
        runComparisonTimes - how many times to run comparison to calculate average resources consumption, the more is better
        expectedResourcesConsumption - the expected resources consumption, cannot be null
        Exception - if some problem occurred