Class CompareWithTestPerformer

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      • CompareWithTestPerformer

        public CompareWithTestPerformer​(org.eclipse.jgit.lib.Repository repository,
                                        String revisionToCompareWith,
                                        MatchingStrategy matchingStrategy,
                                        boolean mergeObjectsContent,
                                        boolean parseBslModuleStructure,
                                        org.eclipse.core.resources.IProject project,
                                        Path pathToFilter,
                                        String mergeSettingsFileName,
                                        IQualifiedNameFilePathConverter filePathConverter,
                                        IV8ProjectManager v8ProjectManager,
                                        IComparisonManager comparisonManager,
                                        TestingWorkspace testingWorkspace)
        Creates a new instance with the given parameters.
        repository - the Git repository to run comparison on, cannot be null
        revisionToCompareWith - the revision to compare with, may be commit hash, branch name or index revision GitCompareUtils.INDEX, cannot be null
        matchingStrategy - the matching strategy, cannot be null
        mergeObjectsContent - tells whether only objects content is to be merged
        parseBslModuleStructure - tells whether to compare and merge a Bsl module with parsing module structure
        project - the project to run Git 'Compare With' command on, cannot be null
        pathToFilter - the absolute path in the project limiting search for changes on comparison or null to search all changes
        mergeSettingsFileName - the merge settings file name, may be null
        filePathConverter - the qualified name file path converter, cannot be null
        v8ProjectManager - the V8 project manager, cannot be null
        comparisonManager - the comparison process manager, cannot be null
        testingWorkspace - testing workspace, cannot be null
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