Class XdtoPackageDeleteRefactoringContributor

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      • XdtoPackageDeleteRefactoringContributor

        public XdtoPackageDeleteRefactoringContributor()
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      • createCleanReferenceOperation

        public RefactoringOperationDescriptor createCleanReferenceOperation​(IBmObject targetObject,
                                                                            IBmObject referencingObject,
                                                                            org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EStructuralFeature feature,
                                                                            RefactoringSettings settings,
                                                                            RefactoringStatus status)
        Description copied from interface: IDeleteRefactoringContributor
        The method that is invoked during preparation phase of refactoring.
        Returns RefactoringOperationDescriptor with the refactoring operation that cleans reference of the targetObject.

        If some conditions are not satisfied the refactoring status should be filled with the appropriate error or warning message.

        Specified by:
        createCleanReferenceOperation in interface IDeleteRefactoringContributor
        targetObject - the object being deleted, cannot be null.
        referencingObject - the referencing object, cannot be null.
        feature - the reference to clean, cannot be null.
        settings - the refactoring settings, cannot be null.
        status - the refactoring status, cannot be null.
        refactoring operation descriptor or null.