Class XmlTreeGenerator

  • public class XmlTreeGenerator
    extends Object
    A helper to generate the AST for the Gumtree comparison algorithm in the convenient format for xml files.
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      • generateGumTreeAST

        public com._1c.g5.gumtree.core.tree.INode generateGumTreeAST​(String content,
                                                                     org.eclipse.jface.text.IDocument doc)
                                                              throws com._1c.g5.gumtree.core.tree.TreeGeneratorException
        Generates the GumTree AST from the xml file.
        content - the content of the xml file, can not be null
        doc - the given document, can not be null
        the root of the built tree, can not be null
        com._1c.g5.gumtree.core.tree.TreeGeneratorException - if there are syntax errors in the xml file