Class GenerationSettingsConstructorViewerCellEditor

  • public class GenerationSettingsConstructorViewerCellEditor
    extends CellEditor
    Class text cell editor for expression creating object section.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GenerationSettingsConstructorViewerCellEditor

        public GenerationSettingsConstructorViewerCellEditor​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent,
                                                             ModuleProcessor moduleProcessor,
                                                             BasicDbObject creatingObject,
                                                             CreatingObjectSection creatingObjectSection,
                                                             TreeViewer basicObjectsSectionViewer)
        Create cell editor
        parent - - external composite, cannot be null
        moduleProcessor - - generation settings constructor module processor ,cannot be null
        creatingObject - - current creating object ,cannot be null
        creatingObjectSection - - current creating object section,cannot be null
        basicObjectsSectionViewer - - basic objects section , cannot be null