Class RegisterSection

  • public class RegisterSection
    extends Object
    Movements constructor registers section. Displays registers in a tree.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RegisterSection

        public RegisterSection​(org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite parent,
                               Document document,
                               TreeViewer documentTree,
                               ModuleProcessor moduleProcessor,
                               IBmEditingContext bmEditingContext,
                               Configuration configuration,
                               boolean canEdit,
                               MdTypeUtil mdTypeUtil,
                               IEObjectProvider typeProvider,
                               DerivedStateComputerUtil derivedStateComputerUtil)
        Сreates a register section.
        parent - - external composite, cannot be null
        document - - document for which the movements constructor opens,cannot be null
        documentTree - - document tree by movements constructor, cannot be null
        moduleProcessor - - movement constructor module processor , if not null , register section will create with validate, may be null
        configuration - - current configuration , cannot be null
        bmEditingContext - - editing context for submitting tasks , cannot be null
        canEdit - - if document can edit true , else false
        mdTypeUtil - - the md-type util, cannot be null
        typeProvider - - the type provider, cannot be null
        derivedStateComputerUtil - - the derived state computer util, cannot be null
    • Method Detail

      • getTreeViewer

        public TreeViewer getTreeViewer()
        Returns register tree viewer
        - register tree viewer, may return null
      • fillSection

        public void fillSection​(List<Fields> inputFields)
        Fills register section
        inputFields - - input registers data,cannot be null
      • setValue

        public boolean setValue​(MovementConstructorTreeItem treeItem,
                                String expression)
        Set value in register tree by register section
        treeItem - - changed element, cannot be null
        expression - - value by expression, cannot be null
        - true if successfull, false otherwise
      • createFillingFields

        public List<Fields> createFillingFields()
        Create filling fields by register tree
        - list register data,cannot null
      • getSortEnabled

        public boolean getSortEnabled()
        Return enabled sort
      • addRegisters

        public void addRegisters()
        Add registers to register tree
      • convertToComplexAction

        public void convertToComplexAction​(int count)
        Convert last n action to complex action
        count - - n action
      • autoFillFields

        public void autoFillFields()
        Automaticly filling fields registers
      • clearSelectedFields

        public void clearSelectedFields​(List<MovementConstructorTreeItem> items)
        Clear selected fields
        items - - clearing fields, cannot be null
      • clearRegisterFields

        public void clearRegisterFields()
        Clear fields registers
      • deleteSelectedRegisters

        public void deleteSelectedRegisters()
        Delete selected registers
      • createFillingFields

        public Fields createFillingFields​(MovementConstructorTreeItem treeItem)
        Creates Fields used treeItem from register section
        treeItem - - current tree item,cannot be null
        - fields,cannot be null
      • setSortEnabled

        public void setSortEnabled​(boolean isSortEnabled)
        Set enabled sort
        isSortEnabled - - enabled sort
      • undo

        public void undo()
        Сancels the action performed by the user
      • redo

        public void redo()
        Repeats cancelled by user action